Thursday, August 18, 2011

The ambiance is good- interior decoration and lighting wise. Except that they filled the place with a table or two more so it's a little too crowded. People tend to squeeze in and hear conversations from the other table loud and clear. 

So, we ate our dessert first! 
P.S. Quick shout to my mom here for this great outlook in life, ergo, her lovely blog.
As she always says, live life fully; eat your desserts first

Steamed Black Sticky Rice with Thai Custard  P180.00
When it came, we of course tasted it right away only to find ourselves divulging into it and finishing it off even before the main entrees came in! 

 Goong Phad Kratiam P495.00
Stir fried tiger prawn
Fulfilled and satisfied with the dessert, the main entree was served and it was to die for!

Khao Krook Gapi Single P185.00 Platter P295
Or better known as Bagoong fried rice. One can't live without rice (and the rice is a treat in itself!), and that 'one' is me. HAHA

See-Krong-Moo Yang Num-Pung P325.00
 Grilled Pork ribs with Honey served with spicy garlic sauce
Just when we thought we've tasted the best of the best came this juicy Pork viand atop a generous serving of salad drizzled with fine vinaigrette. Served with it were 2 sauces- one is what seemed to be an olive oil and garlic vinaigrette and the other is a spicy garlicky tomato salsa sauce. Hallelujah! 


8 Spices Thai Cuisine Menu
Veranda @ Robinsons Galleria

♥ Sol Felice

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