Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoes: The Ramp Crossings

Have you ever lost a good pair of shoes? Better yet, have you ever lost that awesome-beautiful-and-comfortable-heels-that-goes-with-anything? Have you had that 1 shoes that you are just so attached to that upon it meeting your eyes and felt the sole of your feet you just felt the connection? I 'm sure most, if not all, girls had/have that!

I know I do and I tell you, it hurts! I went to a friend's 21st birthday celebration. It was a backyard house barbecue party so heels aren't much required, as you know. But being that I am me (I am small so I really breathe heels and well, I loooovee 'em) and that I came from our company, I had to wear one. And since it was just a chillin' kind of party, I decided to wear my neutral and comfy pair. I brought with me a red pointed flats though, just in case. After having all the fun and laughter and food, my other friend dropped some of us off to wherever we please . I didn't want to be much of a hassle (there's no one to fetch me that night) so I just decided that he drop me off at the taxi stand between the other girls' place and mine. 

I decided to change into my red pointed flats but I couldn't remember if I did so in my friend's car or in the cab. Went straight to the office and when I got there, voila! I couldn't find my shoes! 

*Sinking feeling!*

I hoped against hope that I left it in my friend's car but upon calling him, my heart fell when he said no. So it was in the cab and there's no way that I could ever get it back. Goodbye... my awesome-beautiful-and-comfortable-heels-that-goes-with-anything! Yup, that's the picture above taken during the start of the year 2010! It's only 2years old 


I hope I see similar pair if not the same, soon!

♥ Sol Felice

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