Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mercato is Madness
Yes it sure is for all the foodies out there... a doze of heaven!
I've heard about this for quite some time already and I know it has been going on for so long. Though. every attempt to visit had always been stepped on by other plans or acivities. And when I finally got here... HEAVEN! 

 Unlike other midnight food market, Mercato has a generous sitting area so all you really have to worry your mind about is the food you are to order cause I tell you, the choices are impossible!

 This I heard about way back. I knew it was delicious as the reviews say so. But when I took a bite and felt the crunchiness of the Bagnet to contrast with the moist ciabatta bread in addition to the flavorful vinaigrette salad in it.... I heard Vertical  Horizon sing to me "You're just the best I ever had." Heaven! Hats off to Chef Claud Tayag for this marvelous creation! 
By Bale Dutung Food

This is another innovative dish called Bagwang. A bagnet hybrid. The difference is that this has a more garlicky flavor to it (which is the wang taken from Bawang or Garlic) and a tinge of spiciness. ManilaQ food stall offers this succulent dish. 

 Oyakudon rice tops for only P99.00

American rib eye steak is priced at P195.00. 
This however isn't that good for it neither is juicy nor tasty.

 Roast beef pasta by Taste and See food stall. 
P.S. They make their own Pasta right then and there! 

 Long isaw for P30.00 
(It really is long!)

 Top: Forever 21 US gray  v-neck shirt
Bag: Tory Burch  canvas bag
 Boots: Vintage

Mercato Centrale by far is the best Midnight food market around the metro!

Midnight market Fri-Sat 10pm-3am
Weekend market Sat-Sun 7am-2pm
34th street and 8th avenue (across MC Home Depot) at 
Bonifacio Global City, Fort, Taguig, Philippines

♥ Sol Felice

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