Saturday, September 10, 2011

 I'm back! And again, torn and confused as to what to try this time around. If only I could buy food in each and every stall in 1 night (or midnight in this case), I would!

Manang's food stall
 I wanted to try their chicken wings the 1st time we got here but then decided on ordering the ever famous Pan de Bagnet instead. This time though, I made sure I'd try this one out being that they have this special home made sauce mixed with the wings. You can choose to have it spicy, mid or mild. And what's amazing is how the chicken skin remains really crunchy in spite of the sauce, but still tender and juicy from the inside. 

 Making the monster burger. It really is monstrous! 

 I've always wanted to try Burritos and for some reason hadn't for the longest of time. So this was the perfect time to try it. Few stalls offer this food but luckily, I saw a seemingly authentic one. And as seen above, they prepare and cook the orders right then and there.

 Korean Beef Stew for less than a hundred. Not bad!

 Burritos- the finished product. Authentic indeed! 

 Tender Korean beef stew. I'm not so much a fan of this but you'd love it if you are the kind who loves sweet viands. 

 Taco salad! (Taco, less the shell)

 The chicken wings by manang's was really good. I'm not a lover of sweet food but this one I really liked as it is well-blended with garlic flavor and a tinge of spiciness. Brilliance, really.

 Of course, we HAD to order the Cebu lechon! 
However, as disappointing and heartbreaking it is to say, the one we got was way too salty- to think that I myself's a salty eater. This one I couldn't digest. I'd like to give this stall a second chance though. May be this was caused by the fact that we got there near closing time already. 

Top: Zara
Bag: Guess
Bodycon skirt: Old Navy
Vintage Charm bracelet: Felicity
Jade bangles: from China

My first Midnight Mercato experience was so filling yet coming back, I still found myself fulfilled and satisfied. It was yet another gastronomic food trip.

♥ Sol Felice

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