Thursday, October 20, 2011

A letter.

I miss you.
Yes, I'm saying it again. 
After a year of forcing myself not to, here I am, again, missing you and declaring it to the world.
I'm saying I miss you as though you're right here beside me, hearing me.
I'm saying I miss you, as though I could hear you say it back.
Memories could bring joy as it could bring pain- oh' hundreds of times have I heard that from over a hundred of people who at one point in their lives, got their hearts broken.
Ours are strong memories, and I couldn't get past them for they are beautiful to look at despite the pain alongside it. 
It has been a year since.
And though the times that I don't think about you outweighs the moments that I do, those few seconds in my 24 hours living, those small dozes of you, pains my heart still in ways you couldn't even imagine.
It pains me because every snippets of you, of us, were so much beautiful though far far away from being perfect.
No, it wasn't perfect.
A chaos truthfully.
And yet it echoes in the deepest recesses of my heart, my being.
Those times I felt most alive and for that, I thank you.
And now that I allowed myself this few seconds to miss you, I allowed myself to feel alive again.
So thank you, for making me live once more.
Now let me say it one more time and one last time...
I miss you.


© Sol Felice Alvarado
The Belle Of A Boulevard

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