Saturday, November 26, 2011

In line w/ the release of his autobiography

Steve Jobs.
A man of vision.
A man of intellect.
A man of passion.
And a man of invention.

I've never owned a personal apple gadget even though I've huge amazement for those. My sisters do, and our home and office has, but none of my own. I am no music desperado despite having the greatest passion for dancing. I am not much of a techie wiz and afficionado inspite of me being a self confessed twitter addict, an OC facebook album uploader and a pushmail/socialnetwork whore. What can I say, I am a walking contradiction. I am a paradox, and it makes me who I am. Regardless, I can wholeheartedly say that lucky I am to have lived during mr. Jobs' existence. To be in my youth, and in full awareness, as when some of his greatest inventions were released and made history throughout the world. To be at the height of my young years in this tech savy generation, I could speak for my entire co-gen when I say that mr. Jobs is by far the greatest thing that ever happened in this world together wit the macintosh (not part of our gen though, still kudos!), ipod, ipad, imac, macair, pro and the likes. To be living in a time where music seemingly becomes an oxygen tank for the youth- of which when emptied, breathing and living could be a hell of a task- I could speak in behalf when I say that the creation of the ipods, iphones and ipads are heaven sent and are one of life's saving grace.

So to one of the world's greatest visionare, marketer, businessman and inventor, Thanks!- For making living easier, getting up in the morning bearable and giving our generation a great company to turn to when we thought the world's up against us. Even though I'm no owner of one yet, for all the help as mentioned above, all thanks and praise. You gave so much more than new technological advantages, you gave a friend. And for all that, we know you are at peace, headset plugged in and dancing to the beat of madonna's songs! :)

♥ Sol Felice

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