Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6:00 am
Light shining past the closed eyelids. It's morning. Painfully opening them and shielding them from a sudden ray of light. Wanting to drift back to the cold, dark and familiar. A place she's been to hours and hours before. Limbs stretch, and with each stretch pain made felt its presence, and then it stretches some more. Now the eyes are strong and steady, now looking directly to the light. Then averts to the placement of the hands of the old ticking clock. Closes.


A jolt was felt throughout the whole body until it reaches the head. It ached suddenly with the shock. It was from the realization that... Another day had gone, another day passed by without any warning and another day will close again, just as the eyes will soon do as well.


Despite the realization, there she layed still and steady. The soft side of the mattress carried the weight of the clinging body. Tightly holding on to the comfort of the cold pillow. Staring blankly into thin air, mind aimlessly wandering, unfazed by anything. The clock hummed its eerie distorted sound.


Sunset nearing as seen through the satin white curtains. Now the mind is bombarding itself with questions, about life, about what to do today, about the gossip showbiz was bombed wit, the political rift, and most importanly, it questions the inner being of the bearer of this mind. It questions who she is. It questions her sole purpose in life.


Tears falling dawn uncontrollably. Without sobbing, without forcing, without any words. Tears falling down, together with the setting of the sun. The horizon changes. The darkness illuminates the sky. The light that once pained the awakened eyes, vanishes slowly, vanishes completely.


Tears wiped. Bedspread now clean and smooth as though it hasn't been used over the last 24hrs. Feet feeling the wooden floor. It's cold. Then realizing raindrops has fallen down tonight. She felt her lips move. A smile crippled. Unexpected. A miracle. For the cold of the night won't be a bother to her. She's up, she's busy, she's just about to start her day.


Sheet's all messed up as the body lay down on bed. Diagonally, randomly positioning itself atop. Eyes hurt from the slow progression of the ray of light. Sunrise is in activity again. She shields her eyes, stares past the satin white curtains. A tear fell. Eyelids slowly close and into the dark, the cold, the familiar she once again rely on to for today...

...Until the next sunset.

♥ Sol Felice

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