Saturday, February 4, 2012

On an assignment for the business, my sister and I ran to SM Mega Mall. Deciding to fill our tummies before going to and fro, off we headed to the Atrium of Mega mall. Wanting something quick but fulfilling, we saw Eat and Go with menu consisting of Italian dishes! interessante

Wall displays are conversation starters. Displayed on one side are black & white pictures of different people in Italy during what I think is the 50s, some 30s, another side the beautifully photographed Italian dishes. 

The menu has a wide variety of Pasta dishes, and almost each one comes with a viand. Don't worry, they also have rice meals! For the main entree, aside from the variety of viands to choose from, you can have three side dishes alongside it- rice, pasta (a choice of red or white sauce, no fuss), greens, mixed veggies, mashed potato, etc. And yes, you can have pasta and rice together as side! interessante

P135.00 - 275.00
Stuffed pasta filled with your choice of ingredients: 
choice of chicken, spinach or sausage
The pasta is cold and the vegetable stuffing overcooked, with little cheese atop it.

Chicken Saltimbocca 
Oven-baked chicken fillet stuffed with ham and cheese. With Saltimbocca sauce, served with two side dishes of your choice from roasted pepper rice, pasta of the day, corn and carrots or baked beans

From the appearance and presentation alone, it leaves little room for enticement.  

  The food is okay, the place is neat and cute. But sadly, it's just that. It is promising though. Should the management further bring a notch higher the flavors and the mood of this simple diner, the experience would definitely make you want to eat and go... back for more! 

♥ Sol Felice

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