Monday, May 21, 2012

Order at the ticket booth.
Go trough inspection.
Swipe the card.
Hustle to the platform.
Aboard the train.
Try to beat the hands of time.

"Living in the fast lane." I heard my sister say.

And then a breather, the ride to the destination. Ironic really, for in life, the destination is our awaited breather as the journey holds all the action.

View from the window's all just a blur. The movement of the transportation defeats the scenery and peace, and the numerous "to-do' outweighs the stillness of the mind.


"Did my seatmate hear my stomach succumb to hunger?" I wonder to myself.
With that the mind instantly averted from the tasks and the busy life out there and traveled to a not so distant part of Luzon, where I found myself sitting in a quaint vintage cafe in the middle of the historic and magical Vigan, sipping a refreshing Buko juice straight from the fruit itself to down the flavorful Vigan longganisa and the crunchy Bagnet dipped in the famous Ilocos vinegar.

Odd combination, I thought to myself, but great nonetheless.

VO: Shaw Boulevard Station
Oblivious to the present world, startled and rushed by the countless of passengers alighting the Metro Rail Transit.

Or supposed task rather, as lack of proper means
became a hindrance to fulfillment.


Dinner time.

Bagnet Boy food stall
Food area of Shangri-la mall.


 Top: Greenhills
Bottom: Palazzo pants Pink Belter
Bag: Canada. 

♥ Sol Felice

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