Saturday, May 12, 2012

Any daughter or son can take claim to the phrase "I have the most wonderful mom in the world" and who's to argue really? The very breath of ours is all thanks to the very person who took 9 months out of her single care-free life to carry and care for us- pouring such love and devotion. How valiant it is for her not to think about the pain of giving birth, or the hardship of raising one, even the departure from their unit to another-his or her own. Indeed, we all are lucky.

But my mom? Oh how could I even begin to tell you about the greatness that is her? She is the one generous with words- always ready to tell marvelous tales or tell tales marvelously, always ready to pour her heart out- I couldn't even counter her voice for hers is full of poetry, romanticism, color and beauty. I know though that she would want me to because the eccentric girl in her would want to hear of beautiful praises dedicated for her, but she would never really tell you that.

My mom, maybe like any other, would shift to the positive as soon as the pavement leads to a dark alley. But unlike any other, she would laugh and cry at the madness that is life, making sure we laugh along side her, amidst such trial- never letting anything or anyone ever rain on her and our parade. Oh the theatrical she loves dearly. And I smile as I write this as I'm sure she and my sisters would for we have seen all the works of the production and the play, and we love every bit of it, every bit of her.

The misgivings never outweigh the understanding, though volcanic eruption may emanate during the first. The misunderstandings never overpower the love, because the latter is of a soul level, deeply rooted,d in countless of lifetimes- as in Jason Mraz's song 'I won't give up', he posted the question "how old is your soul?"

The friendship alongside her being a mother to us is so effortless. I could see myself- as I'm sure my sisters would as well- somehow being like her in a future not long from now, or at least would aspire to be. But she would never really know and I would never really admit. Her spirit, though may at times be challenged, never really runs out of light. And I pray that it never does, for it is inspiring in more ways than one.

The world need know the beauty and greatness that she is, as I, my sisters, our family know. And I'm sure it will.

As you await the world, the world in turn awaits you and the million MORE sparks you are to spread upon it. And as you spread the immensity of your light and love to world, your three girls would forever- in all lifetimes and beyond- await and back you up should you need more.

I love you so much!

Happy mother's day!!!

♥ Sol Felice

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