Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I opened the pages of the book Love from Diana by Michael Joseph and engrossed I was to know or to confirm rather what I already know, in this world and beyond. The book showed how there isn't just black and white in this world.

Not oblivious to the gravity of how unorthodox this all is, for I was born and baptized a Catholic, I grew up however open not only to my own religion but that of all the other and that of the world. I guess I'm lucky to be raised by parents who allowed my sisters and I choose our own faith, leave us be on our belief and guided but never dictated our spirituality.

Diana, with guidance and awareness, opened her eyes to see what has happened and what is happening in this life of ours and in this plane of existence. She saw that there are are far more greater things to come as a result (and not punishment, for God, THE God, is not and never will be of a condemning nature)  to the perils of the life we live; to 'shake' the current way this world moves- a world of duality- where there is but right and wrong, rich and poor, night and day, strong and weak, good and bad, and so on. 

As debatable as this is, the truth is, we can never find the on absolute truth for each belief. We will only have books and scriptures, histories and age-old tales, each from different sectors of religion, and we would never really know for sure- at least not in this lifetime and not in this physical world. 

Thinking about it, otherworldly or not, day in day out we do live our lives in accordance to whichever current side of duality is at present. Too black or white. We see, believe. and accord ourselves, our lives, and our thoughts to the black and white of things. 

I came to understand however- I guess since I am a middle chikd- that gray matters. It can never be just one side over the other. There is that fine thread somewhere in the middle that meets all sides. And this fine thread creates compromise for the opposing poles. Having that knowledge grasped and understood does not and will not mean that you are stepping down from the platform that is your principle or that you are too wishy-washy a person to not be able to take a stand. It is never that.

But gray matters- that space in between the black and the white has a purpose. And we could all so much attain peace should we all acknowledge this seemingly lonely but utterly important tone. It matters.

*Dress: Bangkok. Endless circles necklace: Sophie accesories. 
BW skull scarf : Thrift*

♥ Sol Felice

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