Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I remember being in my tiara days when my sisters and I, together with our beloved sister-like-cousin and the yayas, get the song book, hit play the tape where we recorded the tune of Bluer than blue and sing along.

I remember most the dreamy state I would be in, as maybe all one-digit-years old child would be when listening to old melodic love songs with nothing but hopes of meeting prince charming and experiencing first love. I remember the mini heartbreak from knowing that my admired guy from my favorite boy band's already taken. Or that earth shattering realization that the star I'm in love with is loved by numerous little girls as well, but somehow thinking, being naive and all, that I am the one destined for him. But also knowing very deep down that the heart ache is not really that painful and that the drama is but a drama because you still see clouds as cotton candies and stars as diamonds in the sky, sighing at the magnificence and lightness it brings and the comfort of knowing that "happily ever after" and fairy tales still exist.

How deeply sad it is to realize at 20s, hopeless romantic is but a romantic cynic, clouds are just gasses, stars are rarely looked at or even seen, and that "happily ever after" is merely a "once upon a time". How dire is my desire  to bring back the hopes, dreams and mindset of my one-digit year old self, but mixed with what little wisdom and smarts I've accomplished throughout and up to my 20s self. How wonderful and beautiful such combination would be, though far fetched and probably improbable. 

For now, I can only listen and sing as I again hit play. But unlike my young self, I listen to this now, knowing the how bluer than blue and sadder than sad actually feels like.

 Dress turned to top: a gift from my sister-like cousin
Scarf: Jellybean
Charms: multi-colored from Charms and Crystals
Green and Beige from JD accesories (+0915)
Midi Skirt: SM Department Store
Nude wedge: Shoebox
Bag: from our local shores (Wave Filipino flag here)

♥ Sol Felice

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