Monday, June 11, 2012


The much talked about French Soup, Ratatouille
Much to our dismal though, I didn't find this as delectable as I hoped it would be. 

*Trivia: The word Ratatouille comes from Occitan Ratatolha and the recipe from Occitan/ian cuisine. Occitan is a romance language, which UNESCO cited as endangered, in southern France and some parts of Italy as well as Spain. Ratatouille originated in the area around present day Occitan Provença (French: Provence) and Niça (French: Nice) Touller in French means to toss food*

Borek P250.00 
Classic dish from Turkey
with layers of flaky filo pastry with Spinach and Feta Cheese filling,
My favorite! 

Grilled Chicken Kebab P225.00
A generous serving of the classic and famous Mediterranean dish.

Sampler plate of 5 P240-260.00
Hummus- classic Garbanzo And Sesame dip from the Middle East, Baba Ganoush- an Eggplant and Tahini dip, Kofta- savory meatballs from Greece, Tabbouleh- a mix of Tomatoes, Flat Parsley and cracked Wheat, Tapenade- dip originating from Provence which is made up of Black Olives, Capers and Olive oil

Other choices are Tzatsiki- Cucumber, Yogurt and Mint dip, Falafel- Crunchy Garbanzo Croquettes, Marinated Olives- All kinds of Olives in extra virgin olive oil and other Herbs

One word: Mouthwatering!

Pasta from Piadina
I'll leave it to this- we had it wrapped to go, almost untouched. 

I am excited to try out other and all cuisines of the world. My palate craves for them all, my stomach longs for it and my sense of adventure keeps shouting at me! 
I am in to deep! LOL!

♥ Sol Felice

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