Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ONCE there was a peacemaker, who kept balance and stillness in a chaotic little town. She would go on and on weighing the good from the bad, the right from wrong, rational from irrational. It took almost all of her time, doing just that. But it had to be done. So she had to keep doing it. The weighing scale was much too heavy to keep carrying on. She continued, with grace and acceptance, for the task was given to her since she was but a young little girl. So she forced her way through life with her task at hand and the weight slumped on her frail little shoulders. 

Oh' but was she strong- that little girl. However somehow, it consumed her. The burden that fell on her lap was becoming too unbearable. The fight to be balanced, have balance and restore balance, is slowly becoming too daunting a task for her. It was a responsibility she accepted and a responsibility she may now be regretting. 

Nonetheless, she forged through, she tried and tried to be, knowing in the deepest part of her that it is a gift somehow, and more, that it is needed. For in a chaotic and utterly selfish world, moment of peace is a treasure. In that ever changing place, hers is a task worth keeping hence a life worth living. 


Trivia: Color Green represents Harmony

*Top: Zara basics (old line). Tribal highwaist shorts: Sol Felice Alvarado
Nude peep toe heels: Suki. Necklace chain: T and Co.*

 Sol Felice

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