Monday, February 18, 2013

We have our own little world- 
on its own...

Whilst, the real world happens out there. 

Top: Thrift
Bottom: By Sol Felice Alvarado
Wedge: Shoebox
Bag: Native

And in that little world of ours, we sometimes find that dark clouds can form above it. Somehow, our little safe haven can get disrupted by stormy weathers. Most opt to give in to that and let the darkness consume our world, not allowing anyone else's to collide with ours. Constantly living enveloped on our own. 

A tragedy. 

But when we share our world to others and with others, when we allow some to revolve- if not fully collide- side by side with ours, brightness may somehow slowly overpower the dark... little by little, bump by bump.

Our world may and will finally turn upside down... 

Sunny side up. 

 Sol Felice

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