Sunday, February 10, 2013

I see you
I see through you
Don't despair
Don't feel alone

I may know your name
I may not
But your story I read
We are the same despite our differences
We are one despite the bridges that gaps us

I see you
I see through you
You're scared
We all are
It is in your eyes

Scared of being a mom so early,
of going to that job interview
Scared life passed you by,
 scared you've made the most out of it
You're scared of living the life you live,
scared of being stuck
 You're scared of going after your dreams
Scared of dying
Scared of living

I know you
I see you
I feel what you feel
Someone does
Someone will

We are strangers
But not really

Look at me
Look at her
Look at him
We know each other
Despite not knowing

I know your fear
I know your story
For it is mine
As it is theirs

Don't feel alone
We go through it together
Together we overcome

© Sol Felice Alvarado
The Belle Of A BOulevard

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