Sunday, March 31, 2013

for more moments of total and absolute peace, without any troubles pacing back and forth in my mind, without noises and movements circling around my space.
For more smiles and laughter, within the company of love ones, within close quarters where pain and sorrow are mere words not emotions
For more tears of joy instead of pain, that is shed over random beautiful things and moments, over sweet words and gestures
For more sunrise, where a promise of new hope arise and where darkness is but a yesterday

for more lessons and learning gained through experiences and situations, gained despite such
For more travels and adventures, to which new worlds be discovered and old ones be explored
For more conversations and stories shared by new people, shared to old lifelong friends
For more experiences, where self discovery could lead to euphoria, where a side of us dug beneath the surface be renewed

for more changes- new beginnings that could lead to further growth of both mind and soul
For more time to do things that need be done, and be able to do things that are desired as well
For more chances- to experience life. to meet new people, to reconnect with old ones, to feel loved and share love, to show thanks, to be thankful for, to live, to love

© Sol Felice Alvarado
The Belle Of A Boulevard

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