Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Since my Sent from above, from your little girl and Sundays to remember posts, my family made sure to innovate and create- beautiful meals, wonderful food, great memories. In a way, it becomes our simple way of coping and helping each other cope with dad being gone and all other worldly... let's just say... challenges that we may be having, as individuals and as a unit . We have always been close but the Sunday projects made it even more so. Also, the day is the only day that we get to be complete and get to really sit down together.

Mom, being the ever clever person, came up with a "sort of" open fire live cooking concept! Teppanyaki-esque Sunday as so dubbed. 

This is a great idea actually if you want to host a lunch without having to go into that whole setting up and preparation process! All you need is a portable gas burner, portable gas refill, grill plate, Raw ingredients of your liking and your chef hat... oh' and a ready fire extinguisher or a pale filled w/ water! ☺☺☺

              P.S. Know that I appreciate how you try to keep it together for us! *tears*

 Sol Felice

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