Thursday, March 14, 2013


Flaming wings' famous Wicked Oreos (Yes 'twas acknowledged!) is of course sinful.
Hungarian sausage -which has surprisingly an actual 'Hungarian sausage'- was tasty in its herb and garlic gravy sauce.
Chicken Parmesan sandwich was a tad bit dry but was generous in size.
Blue Burger with potato chips did not disappoint! And there is an actual blue cheese. My instant favorite amongst the many burger selection in town.
 The Iced tea is so cheap but big at 35php 

In truth, quaint cafes/restaurants leave little room for big expectations- food wise. They usually sell the ambiance, the "chill lang" feeling, the coziness, and of course, budget-friendly menu... and that's okay. As a lot of yuppies take all mentioned above into consideration . Much to a surprise though, the food did deliver.

The restaurant's USP is the offering of different kinds of gravy to go with their main dishes: House Gravy, Herb & Garlic, Cajun, Mushroom Duet, Tipsy Gravy and Juan dela Sauce


*Sunglasses: Police. All: Thrift*

Update: Gravy Fix is now closed and is now replaced by Rufo's Tapa.

 Sol Felice

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