Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday have always been a special day for me. I remember when I was a kid, I would look for that perfect princess outfit only to find none as my mom would dress me up in "terno" with my two sisters, and mine would always be the least girly. Despite that, I would get excited anticipating the day's itinerary- church, mall, dinner out. The day's activity changed as we grew older (as we one by one reached puberty- the ever emotion-filled growing up stage- and as we outgrew them). Nonetheless, my excitement towards the day never changed. Because no matter the activity, no matter the chaotic preparation hours before stepping out of the house, we still get to the end point- US being TOGETHER. 

Family will always be my number one love. I would always drop everything and anything for this bundle of Joy. We did not always agree on one thing... we still don't. Still, we find unity where echoes of differing voices reside. We find that we could laugh out loud after a turmoil. We could get all heated up debating about personal, political and other-worldly affairs and yet find bliss after from the learning and the intellectual exercise. 

Red Sinigang
The tomato sauce brings out the sour taste while adds a tinge of sweetness to the dish!

Shrimp sauted in butter garlic sauce w/ toasted garlic & Itlog na malaat ensalada on the side

Stir-fried Tofu and green beans in special butter lemon zest

Asian spice chicken w/ lemon skin

It has only been a few months since dad passed away.  I feared Sundays and special occasions. My younger sister a few days ago got a visit from my father. From then on I knew he is really at peace- as he said so himself. Miraculously, the four of us left here, found ways to cope, through memories, laughter, togetherness. My mom would come home from the office at 11 am, ready and excited to prepare for us yet another hearty meal. She'd think of ways to surprise us with new dishes, coming home groceries at hand. Pinky would hurriedly finish her shift. Sure news never sleep, but to hell with, she is ready to dig in the food and the colorful stories awaiting. Pia and I would prepare the home, making sure it's spick and span, readying our accumulated tales. And our baby Gyp would lick himself nonstop so he'd be all clean and snuggly when mom and Pinky opens the door. 

Our family, though broken, is just as whole as any- for dad's spirit envelopes us and our souls are connected more than ever.

...Along the way new members might be added, new circumstances, new scenarios. But, Sunday will remain to be a special day. As it always have been.  

Julie and Julia stands proudly on our kitchen counter as mom works her magic in the kitchen! :)

 Sol Felice

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