Friday, April 26, 2013

I am obsessed with my cat. I was never really a dog person to begin with although we have had 2 before (A poodle then a  beagle) and yes, I loved them like a family. Sadly, they weren't able to stay long enough here with us for me to be able to really appreciate the impact of having such family members. But again, of course, despite that, I loved them and they were part of our small unit. 

Fast forward to evening of February 23, 2012, a few years after Lucky- our dog beagle- died, my sisters and I was talking for a week about wanting and feeling ready to have another baby. This was also the time when my family, as a unit and as individuals, were having "challenges" and "changes". So that night, as we were walking home, we heard a cry just a few cm from the guard house. And we turned our heads to see a newborn kitten crying out and holding on for dear life. For some reason, all three of us agreed to pick him up and take him in. It was a journey and he did help us in so many ways more than we did him. I know that is such a strong statement to say over a cat! (Haha) Really though, we've been kidding and labeling ourselves as Crazy Cat Ladies. LOL.

So we've been obsessing also on those adorable kitten/cat videos! 
This article discusses how cute cat videos help our productivity.

Here are some iconic people with their babies in such iconic photographs. 
 Dita Von Teese's
 George Harrison's

 Kurt Cobain's

 Audrey Hepburn's

 Georgio Armani's


 Mr Hemingway's

 Frank Zappa's

 John and Yoko's

 Sir Mark Twain's

President Bill Clinton's

 Brigitte Bardot's

Marilyn Monroe's

 Young Liz's

Truman Capote's

I always knew I'm more of a cat than a dog person, but I never knew I'd like this little soft purring ball of cuteness this much. *CCL alert* This is our only picture as of the writing though. 
(Kahiya naman sa mga nasa taas LOL) 

But here is his journey
Meet (e)Gyp(t)

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