Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun Cellular did it again!
Stylish great functioning phones + affordable fits-your-lifestyle plan

The great thing about Sun plans? The simplicity and convenience. It is so straight to the point. They know what you want and they in turn hand it to you, fitting all your needs in it as well.

Also, Sun plans established the "no blow-up" scheme. You won't have that monthly big shocker moment upon receiving bills realizing it amounted to 000x than your actual chosen plan amount.

Idol is the lightest phone of Alcatel to date with 4.7 touch screen, Android v4.1, 3G, WiFi hotspot, 8MP camera, Expandable memory and dual core. While Idol Ultra is the thinnest with the same great properties as that mentioned (except for the expandable memory and 4.65 touchscreen instead of .7. But hey! Can't complain if it is this fashionable right? LOL). 

Plan 600 includes Unlimited sun calls and texts, 250 consumable and 350 free texts to other networks. Unlimited mobile internet, Unlimited sun texts and 4 hours sun calls for plan 999- perfect for twitter/blog lover but not phone talker like me! 
See how Sun plans fit all lifestyles?

So go to the nearest sun shops near you and avail yourself a stylish and multi-functioning way to live! 

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid!


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