Friday, May 3, 2013

For the artistic (with a pinch of witch-y) soul....
A homey art-filled bewitching themed restaurant


Dear sister,
Often we fight over shallow things, sometimes over differing social views, and on very rare moments, over deep straight to the core issues. Sometimes, your artistic temper may be too hard to handle for the likes of me (LOL). Despite that, we all know what is constant- family tie which even goes beyond the soul level. This family is attached here and beyond. Therefore, you know that no matter the many arguments, disagreements, and -to state the extreme- chaos, me being here for you (and for this family) will never ever change.

Happy birthday Yaps! 

I love you. Cross my heart 195.00
Coated Chicken breast topped w/ cheese, mushrooms, thin asparagus
NBSB 215.00
(Light but and not so creamy) Pesto cream pasta w/ oysters 
Mi Amore 200.00 est.
Simple pasta in tomato sauce
Platter of starter specials (name -and price- escapes me now)
Dynamite, thin slices of crunchy Kamote fries, tasty Okoy
French Kissing 200.00+ est.
Ox toungue w/ creamy shitake sauce (which might be a tad bit salty)
Secret Lovers 185.00
Rich and creamy braised beef pot pie w/ potatoes 

 123 V.Luna Extension (Nr Maginhawa St.)
 Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
 (02) 441 4872

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