Sunday, May 12, 2013

We all star in our own movie. We produce it, write what's in it, direct it. It is all planned out, from the ideation up to the actual playing of the story line. It is all laid out, with our own doing! Of course, the movie I'm talking about is what may be known as "life". Now, if only there would be a semi-fictional version of it, with a kick-ass version of ourselves, in a much more beautiful setting, with a much exciting plot but an assured win for the ending... what would yours be?

Mine would be that of a modern warrior ala Mulan, probably set in a beautiful European country with the heroin not only fighting "goon" type of bad men as movie cliche would have it but actually fighting for greater things such as women's rights, peace and the likes.... and doing so while in 3 inch louboutins! Now that makes a great movie right? Right? (LOL)

And what better company to enjoy movies? A bowl of that greasy crunchy goodness- Popcorn! The best one you ask? Kettle Korn popcorn! It offers a wide range of flavors fit for all taste buds and personalities. 

Off to watch a movie? Grab that Kettle Korn and enjoy!

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