Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fortunately and unfortunately, mom's birthday and mother's day is just a few days apart- fortunately for mom and unfortunately for us that is! Dad had the same case, his birthday and father's day was that of the same month- June. I found this funny yet appropriate as mom is an epitome of a woman and dad of a man. Pockets are most times drained to the last centavo during these months... go figure! Regardless, anything to make the folks happy right?

Ever since my younger sister's birthday, we've been on a hunt for cafes and restaurants that would satisfy not just our food cravings but cravings of our soul as well- art induced quaint ones with good, if not so great, food. Always having both eyes open for our kind of establishments, I found Monsees Cafe sitting demurely along Katipunan Whiteplains Avenue.

Note to the opposite sex: Our species love flowers, no matter how many times we say we don't.

Monsees is primarily a bread and pastry shop. Think a less "commercialized" and more casual Conti's. They have a wide array displayed on the counter and shelves. The best one? Hot Spanish bread for... wait for it... 10php. 

Food price range: 160php-250php
It's not over the top good but good enough. 

 Adobo with Green Mangoes

This was my order. Adobo can never go wrong no matter the different touches added to it. It is a part of our culture. It is a part of our homes. It is a part of who we are. The green Mango gave this particular one an interesting taste as the sour bit complemented the whole lot. I wish though for a better presentation of food served. 

Longganisa with 2 eggs

I forgot where this longganisa came from. They have here 5pcs as opposed to the normal 3pcs, which should be a good thing right? But, don't be fooled, those are 5 small ones. That would be disappointing if it didn't taste good. It was crunchy and it was garlicky. And 2 eggs sure is a consolation! 


This had a much fancier title written on their corky menu board. It think that is one mistake most restaurants do (such was the case -and so sadly realized too late- on our now closed ProudMary restaurant diner along Tomas Morato extension)- calling a simple food something grander than it really is. Sure it a marketing ploy but it's been said far too much a time; NO EXPECTATIONS NO DISAPPOINTMENTS. This was good as far as fried milkfish goes (and as far as all fried milkfish can taste).

Monsees Bakery & Cafe118 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City
 For catering and events, please email monseescafe@gmail.com 
or call 352-6721 or (Jeff) 0927-2969427.

When the milk tea fad exploded, I thought it would be long gone before I can even say tea. It surpassed the craze deadline and looks like it is here to stay. That says a lot about the health awareness spreading in our country. Still, devils advocate in the form of debating that the sugar added as well as the combination of milk + tea negates all health benefits have been springing up like mushrooms. There is no definite answer yet. For now, it still is a MUCH better alternative to caffeinated and chemical-filled drinks. Might as well enjoy it.

Hot Oolong milk tea| Almond Black| Caramel Black 80-120php


It is hard to book mom unless it is a Sunday, or Monday morning, especially with our line of business that she spearheads. So to grab her and have her sit down for lunch during a weekday, in the middle of the day, is almost impossible. It is her day though so if it takes a little force, then so be it. The woman needs to breathe! However, it need to be near and it need to be convenient. Thankfully, our place is sitting on a long stretch of food haven.

Conti's in Katipunan extension gives a more intimate than mainstream overcrowded feel like those in malls. It is beautifully decorated- simple, elegant but comfortable. The lighting is superb! The food is good, too.

 Chicken Roulade 235.00 (additional Php30.00)
Roulade of chicken with spinach, cheese and caramelized onion served with garlic rice or with Saffron Mushroom Risotto. Pieces were small but it is tasty. The combination of Spinach, Cheese and Onion is spot on. And the rice is too good to be true. 

 Parmesan Fish Fillet with Parsley Sauce 240.00
Served with buttered vegetables and almond pilaf. I'm not a light eater but I was eyeing a greasy food at home. A light but filling dish, with the sauce giving just the right amount of flavor to the parmesan crusted fillet. Though good in taste, too much almonds can be distracting.
Salmone Pomodoro Pasta 225.00
Salmon sauteed in tomato, capers and olive oil. Birthday lad wanted pasta to charge her with the right amount of carbs for a work-heavy day but with a healthy balance hence the olive oil-capers-Salmon combination!

Happy month, mother!

I love you from the deepest part of me.
Bananalicious Pie 85.00
Buttery crust filled with vanilla cream and chunks of ripe bananas topped with cashew nuts, 
chocolate and caramel syrups on whipped cream icing
224 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Blue Ridge, Quezon City
 Tel. No: +63 2 682-0812 / +63 2 438-4763
Mobile: (+63922)8473065 / (+63917)8726132

P.S. Thank you Rustans and Landmark for always being a reliable "go-to" :) 

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