Sunday, May 12, 2013

You may not be the traditional type of mother. You open us up to different religions, world views, even unworldly ones all the while allowing us to form our own belief system. As early as 5-7 yrs old, you let us watch movies like What dreams may come and you read to us spiritual books like Conversations with God and the likes. And doing so enabled us to find our own faith and with that, find God and not just be forced to God. You never pushed us to be someone we don't want to be or do things we don't want to do in life even if sometimes situation calls for it. You just let us be. You and dad. That formation made us dream dreams we want to dream and encouraged us to be the person we want to be. You would laugh with us until 4 in the morning instead of reprimanding us for staying up so late. Together we research about theories that are conspiracy in nature- criticizing, analyzing and in the end even forming a whole new one. Yes, you may not be the traditional type but man are we rewarded with a great unique one. I love you so much, here and beyond.

So with that we tell you, dream dreams you want to dream. It never is too late to do things you most want to do and be the person you most want to be. You are halfway there and I say continue on, mom! You can fit it all in. You are a super mom right?!

Happy Mother's day mom... and to all mothers as well!

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