Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer is almost over. Here I am, my ass pressed on a hard surface, contemplating how days were just thrown in the garbage. A waste. It knocked. It went by. It's gone. Time do not restrict us no matter the many times we use this as an excuse. We restrict time, putting it in a box so small even ants will sufocate. We move through that, refusing to get out of the box that we so deemed "busy" and "limiting". So, I sit here looking out the balcony, seeing green mountains from afar, and the now grayish blue horizon looking down, and dreaming for the next summer... my perfect summer.

I moved my hands and felt something warm. I picked it up and grains fell. I opened my eyes and saw myself laying down a beautiful white sand. I was distracted as I felt something cold and wet brush past my toes. I looked and saw the blue clear water pacing back and forth, restless and in full motion. Half of my body dragged itself up to a sitting position and far beyond were lush green mountains. I looked up and thanked the Lord for such beauty and what met me was the warm glow of the sun... embracing me. A peeled irregular shaped fruit was beside me and I sip into it and tasted the purest toxin free coconut juice. *Aaaahh*. The good life, indeed.

Walking around, I spotted a beautiful country style open cabana. White crisp linens embraced the cushion atop the beautifully polished narra bed. The bed was soft and the pillows smooth. It smelled like lemons. I layed down, closed my eyes, and in no time succumbed to a peaceful slumber.

I woke up to the smell of crisp bacon, Adobo fried rice, and freshly squeezed orange juice. What a way to start the day. I consumed as if I hadn't eaten in months. Suddenly, before me was a boat. I was pulled inside it. Someone putting ropes around my waste and in a blink I was up in the air, water below me, and the vehicle pulling me. Adrenaline kicked in so fast I barely had time to to feel nervous.

Night came and I was in a beautiful white summer dress. The stars sparkle like I've never seen before. Not in the city at least. The air was cold and warm at the same time, no pollution filling my nostrils. I was sitting down in the middle of the most beautiful native dinner setting. And in a second I was savoring a delicious Ensalada with an exquisite vinaigrette made from local vinegar so tangy and natural in taste. Then came the freshest fish, grilled to perfection. Seafood mixed and cooked in spices and herbs.  Meat cooked in all kinds of sauce, cooked in large pots. Filled and fulfilled.

A week of this is a lifelong fulfillment. Same emotion, different places, different adventures. Surely, a summer to be remembered. A dream. A goal.

For now, I sit. I wait. Until the brightest sun set in this Archipelago once more.

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