Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey fashion enthusiasts and online shopping aficionados, just when you thought you've found all your wants in ZALORA PH, something new and beautiful comes in and dare give you more choices! Ezra- Zalora's first capsule collection! 

This new brand in Zalora offers great head to toe apparels at reasonable prices!

The style and design of the collection ranges from casual chic to simple elegance and all else in between so choices are more abundant and versatile for each and every personality.

and because this is a new discovery (and because I understand the need *ehem speaking from experience LOL ehem*)

Here is something from The Belle Of A Boulevard to you- a 15% discount voucher ready to assist you in your shopping. How to use it? Just type use and type the below upon check out of purchase!  Go and check out this new and exciting brand and other good finds at Zalora.


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