Thursday, October 24, 2013

"It's not just a bag, it's Prada!"

Ok it's not! 
But remember that line from White Chicks movie? I'm laughing recalling it now! Granted, we don't always have Prada but the fact remains true- it is not just a bag! It represent our universe! It is a part of the puzzle that is our outfit. And no matter how much we explain that to the opposite sex they will never understand!

Before jumping to the bags, let's talk about the ensemble. Street style, especially during fashion week, involved a lot of stripes! 

Top: Monroe Smile White Chiffon Cotton T-shirt
Bottom: Stylish Striped Ninth Pants
Shoes: Chic Black Belted Boot with Fuzz
Accessory: Retro Geometry Design Necklace
Items are available on Persun Mall.

Now on to the BAGS! 

The Union Flag PU Handbag

 How else can you further shout mono street other than pairing it with the queen of all black and white street style- London! Carry around this UK flag embossed square

handbag and instantly shift in to a Kate Moss-Sienna Miller.

Retro British Style Fine Cowhide Tote Bag

If you have a number of things to accomplish and a number of important people to meet, this best balances the casual ensemble as it gives off the impression that you mean business. Never mind that you are in a Marilyn Monroe tee. This bag will save you.


Trendy Detailed Big Backpack

To further elevate the care-free attitude, grab this vintage backpack! Perfect for the wanderlust-filled spirits! Have room to move around freely- fully taking in the view, feeling the textures and details of statues and architecture, and breathing in the moment.

Cartoon Hand Painted Tassels Bag

To add more artistry in to the look. this cartoon hand painted painted Tote bag not only allows for luggage space for your books, music, etc but also allows for you to carry along with you a beautiful piece of art wherever you go.

PU Leather Embossed Clutch

For a dressier look for a spontaneous night out with friends over a glass of margarita- this black snake skin faux leather embossed clutch would do the trick for you!

New Look Buckled Crossbody Bag  

To stamp the look as chill -but chic- as possible, crossbody sack messenger bag would be the outfit's perfect companion.

P.S. To transform the look from streets to board room, don this Color block (in Blue) Lapel Blazer!

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