Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life today is too fast paced. We occupy our whole day with different activities as we busy ourselves with the to-do's during our daytime and insert a few other activities over a drink or two to cap off our nights. Problem is, sometimes our full-planned day leaves little room for changing appropriate outfits to go from day to night and allows for over-dressing or under-dressing which gives off a slightly bad impression especially when in those activities we deal with people we want to win over. Solution? Tweak!

Tweak |v|: Informal to make a minor alteration

Yes, we need not go trough all the hassle of changing our whole outfit to transition our day and night activities. We just have to decide on a staple piece and work on the styling/accessorizing from there, with just little change necessary. 

Here is a guide to -for different style personalities- tweaking outfits to go from day to night. 

For a little edge

The set above uses the dress with slit as its staple piece. It showcases casual daytime dress up perfect for an errand-filled day and a stylish night outfit for meetings and meet-ups.

Bold Simplicity

This here is easier to navigate from day to night as the staples include both the top and the bottom. Also, with the print of the top to the texture and style of the bottom, little needs to be done to work our way from sunrise to sundown. Both day and night sets allows for making great impressions and sealing deals!

Keep it dainty

This set is a contrast of how one can go from pure business dealings to fun fashionable night with a little tweak here and there, and yet still give off a fresh and perky attitude despite the busyness of the whole day!

Happy tweaking!

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