Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Forward we march in this black parade.

As sound produced by the meeting of the heels and the ground echo the halls, we remember the one that came and now had passed- how their actions brought joy in our lives and how their laughter brought beautiful moments.

We remember the things they did and the the words they said as it bounces through the walls and back in to our hearts,  like how the sparkle in our ears and necks and fingers bounce and reflect. As our coats and blazers give warmth to us, may their memories blanket the cold at night. As the satin and cotton and wool touch our skin, we recall and feel once more the times their hearts touched ours and ours touched theirs.

As we march on in white and black and gray, we look up to the sky and smile at the thought of seeing them once more... someday. 

And so in this black parade forward we march for now and until then.

Black and White #1

Modern vintage- add modern twist to the vintage ensemble that is the highwaist pencil skirt, the v-neck sleeved top and the b&w point shoe by putting on the 
hip unstructured coat and the European Shell bag.

Top:  Stylish V-neck Half-Sleeves Shirt
Bottom: Sexy Basic Knitting Pencil Skirt
Outerwear: Hot and Chic Style Coat in Black
Shoes: Classic Black and White Toe Pointed Shoes
Bag: Europe Shell Bag
Accessory: Vintage Twisted Gem Earring, Five Hearts Bohemian Double Finger 

Black and White #2

Casual forward- balance a casual get up with fashion forward pieces.
The high-waist bowknot style balances the pajama comfort of the pants
and the monochromatic plaid pattern of the top puts a statement to the simple style. Add some gold, elegant clutch and shoe and you're good to go!

Top: Black and White Plaid Shirt
Bottom: Retro Bowknot High-Waisted Pants
Shoes: OL Style Chic Pumps With Metallic Tip
Bag: Summer Series Dream Messager British Handbag
Accessory: Sector Artificial Pearl Rhinestone Golden Necklace

Items are available on Persun Mall.

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