Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is not particularly recent nor is it a particularly new and "yet to be discovered" restaurant but if like me, you have been craving for a relatively good Italian food, then read on :)

Bigolis offer affordable, good and no fuss Italian food. For Italian cuisine lovers, this place would satisfy both craving and taste palettes as it is easily available no matter the budget or distance. 

The restaurant's appetizer section is small but all are relevant. Our order were:
Crunchy, tasty and filling Home-style Potato Chips Basket P75.00 and their Mozarella Sticks that actually used real mozerella (as opposed to processed cheddar that some restaurants unfortunately use)were generous size-wise, and were oozing with gooey cheesy goodness P170.00

Other appetizeres in the menu are: Buffalo Wings (120.00), Tripple Treat (120.00), Loaded Potato Criss Cuts (120.00), Cream Cheese Jalapeno (170.00)

Unlike the starters, the pasta list is long and quite a few caught our attention (unfortunately those few were out of stock when we ordered at 8 in the evening). Their pasta is not a stellar bunch, which is acceptable because of its fast food concept. I should note though that over-all, if you allow your brain to shut up and just eat the food, it is still filling and yet surprisingly lite- just right for the diet conscious. The sauces are tasty, too... considering.

Pasta Aglio Olio Solo P100.00 Grande P155.00 is their oil-based pasta- sans the olive oil. It wasn't bad, sure (thank God for the black olives), but it didn't have much good in it either

The Spaghetti Marinara's Solo P180.00 Grande P130.00 sauce was okay, unfortunately, it's all there is to that- pasta atop the marinara sauce. Might as well order good ol' Spaghetti. 

An Italian place- be it authentic, fusion, casual, fast food-  would not be an Italian place without Pizza! I am not a fan of thick pan Pizza because it tends to overshadow the toppings and the overall flavor. Bigoli's Pizza's width however is perfect! Despite the restaurant's fast paced serving (over the counter style order) and the price of the Pizza, it didn't taste fast food at all! *wink*

Generous and cheesy serving of Bigoli's Supremo (Slice 90.00 Whole 690.00)

 And competing with the free bread of the elite group of Authentic Italian places is Bigoli's free and unlimited Garlic Parmesan Bread!! It was too good to pass up.

Or simply head to Trinoma (beside the cinemas) to get a quick Italian fix.

Happy lunch!

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