Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nuffnang Movie Night is back athis time in partnership with Globe

Feature movie: Runner Runner

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Review by Ana Maria

Admittedly, I’m a movie buff, hardcore and fanatic. I have a long list of favorites, and any movie that comes along, gets to be another chance to add to up to my cart of favorites.

Recently, I had a lucky chance to be the “tag along” companion of a blogger, who by the way,
was one of the invitees to a special advance movie screening courtesy of Go Go Globe.

This one is a big event for me, as I have long missed going to a movie house of late, due to my very busy circumstances. Excitedly, I dressed up for this movie date.

The venue – Shangrila Mall Cinema. 
The sponsored movie – Runner Runner.
The actors – Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck.
And my companion – my daughter Felice of

So if you ask me how it went? Here goes…
As we were lining up, my mind is wondering on why they chose the title, Runner Runner .
As we get ourselves in place, with popcorn and soda in hand, I excitedly look forward to finding

The movie is about a college (Princeton) graduating student [Justin Timberlake] who makes a kill by promoting online games (gambling)  around the university, with a hooked clientele – the studentry.
The reason for his engagement in such was made to appear noble by the writer - - to sustain his
education, as he is on to his last sem, I believe. The ‘noble’ cause was underlined to impress that
the reason he is doing so, is to be able to sustain and pay for his college dues. However, as online gambling now plagues the university, he was meted a one time and final call by the college
magistrates to stop or lose his chance to graduate and be expelled.

Needless to say, our main college boy, who is touted brilliant by Princeton standards, by the way,
also gambles. But now given a final warning, he makes his one last gamble, with the one last reason to-
to pay his college finals due. However, something online went off, as a glitch somehow somewhere
came off, and he not only loses big time on his bets, but that of his college buddies.

With everything at stake now, and with nothing at hand, he sets to ‘look’ for the online gaming
‘boss’ [Ben Affleck], to let him know that there was a glitch-mistake and that he wants what’s
due him, back... at whatever cost.

Setting his foot in far off Puerto Rico, he gears for the impossible, and goes through unbelievable extent to, whoa! finally meeting “ the boss”.
Indeed, how impossible could an impossible, be made possible, and this can only happen in movies… in B movies, I think! Because at this point I am about to doze off while asking myself If this is actually a B movie and what-have-you-gotten yourself into Justin Timberlake?  for choosing this kind of movie to prompt your acting career?
“The Boss” makes it up to college boy, corrects the glitch and returns his money, offered him a high paying right-hand position. And now that brilliant college boy works for the boss, he discovers that
‘there- is- something- more- than- what- it- appears’.
We have the regular theme of a regular movie. Betrayal. Revenge. And redemption.

I just wish Justin Timberlake chose a better movie-story plot to once again jumpstart his acting career, because honestly he could be a Leonardo Di Caprio, except that Leonardo chooses his movie pieces, carefully, creatively, brilliantly. As for Ben Affleck, he has redeemed himself in Argo, whatever happened to him again  now, I wonder.

It was an ordinary movie, I must say.
But my movie date time with my daughter was what made it special.

*Bold are sidecomments of writer


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