Friday, October 18, 2013

It is soon the time of the year again- Christmas season!
A much as adults enjoy this season, kids are really the top beneficiary of it- the abundant gifts from godparents, the gifts from Santa, the candy and chocolate overload and most of all more places for kids to run around and play their heart out!

It was only last year when we headed to Magnolia to treat the little lightning ball of cuteness named Nathan Earl with fun time and luckily Magnolia opened its grounds for the adorable kids! Though I tell you, it was chaos! Nonetheless, it  was heartwarming to see adults be silly with the pure heart-ed beings. The deepened bonds of each unit was a pretty great sight to watch. And ours was no exception to that. My beautiful and strong family of 4 girls and this beautiful sister-like cousin of ours plus her crazy but adorable kid really enjoyed the time we spent here.

Though I still wonder on  the location, I find the mall balanced with the right activity- delectable restaurants, nice hang-out places, cozy movie house, good retail choices- and the right amount of noise (it is relatively calm as compared to the endless buzz and movement of coming and goings of people in other malls). 

Truly I am excited for this upcoming holiday season! I am looking forward for moments of silliness, with raw laughter emanating our circle. It would be great. And dad would look down on us with a wide grin on his face. 

And so the counting down begins!

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