Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Warning: EMO ALERT (LOL)

Songs speak of emotion- emotions we find hard to express on a normal day. Tag this post emotional if you must but the truth is we all have a well within us filled with joy, sadness, anger, hope, despair, bliss...  We usually have control over it but on those rare times, the well sometimes overflows. When that happens, we lean and find comfort in other things- a pint of strawberry ice cream, a steaming hot bowl of mom's arroz caldo, a reliable fluffy childhood pillow, a handy journal, shopping spree, colored nails and foot massage, a good witty series, and music which speaks of things we wish we could say. I did warn!! :)

Stop and Stare

♫ Steady feet, dont fail me now I'm gonna run till you can't walk. 

Life in Color

♫ I do my best / to find some kind of glow I'm givin' it some heart and soul, now. From the darkest grays. The sun bursts, clouds break. Yeah, we see that fire. 

Feel Again

 ♫ A little wiser now from what you showed me. Yeah, I feel again Feel again. 

I Lived

♫ I owned every second that this world could give I saw so many places. The things that I did. Yeah worth every broken bone I swear I lived. 

(And ofcourse!) Apologize
♫ I'm holding on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground. 
And I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound. 

One Republic sure knows how to ignite the "emo" in us. Their songs are full of poetry and truth. I've always envied singers for being able to sing any time of any day and therefore express their emotions and share it with people who feel the same. Sadly (for them), my circle will have to live with my need to sing using my great golden voice... hahaha!

This concert therefore would make for a perfect excuse to be all "emo" and sing the beautiful lyrics with the band and all else who share the same sentiment in life!

One Republic Native Tour

L I V E  I N  M A N I L A

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Tickets available online

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