Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We experience a lot of different things in our lives that affect the person that we are. So, time and again, it is good to take a pause- in form of retreat ideally- to reflect, reconnect and reassess ourselves, preferably in the eyes and guidance of the one true Source of everything. 

I'm not the type who would do things on my own. As much as possible, I try to have someone with me. It is not that I'm scared of being alone. It is just simply, I never really know how. My sisters have been to individual retreats themselves and though I had relished at the thought of doing it for myself as they did, especially with all that I went through, I never pursued such. It remained under my goal list.

It was however faith and Him that led to the checking off of this goal. It's a relatively long and probably dull story so I shall not blab even though my hands are itching to. But I will say this though, this is the few and gratifying times where one realizes the cliche that is that "everything happens for a reason". He really guides us to that perfect moment in our lives. I really needed this and He heard my unspoken plea.

The Retreat House

The 1st 3 pictures is the reception where people are warmly welcomed and where transactions are made. The the last 3 is the dining area just a few walk from the reception, where guests are served breakfast, 1st merienda, lunch, 2nd merienda and dinner. A variation of drinks sits atop a buffet counter for whenever you need and want one.

This is a double occupancy room but is not shared to if you are just a single retreat-an. It was rainy the time I had mine so my room was only ventilated with a wall fan but there is a working aircon in the room and is available for opening upon request (and a minimum fee I think?). The comfort room is big and hot water is not a problem. If you are staying more than 24 hours, you could request for a room service and a change of linens. 

Rooms are on the second floor above the reception/dining area. A water station could be found at the end of the hallway, ready to quench nightly thirsts. There's also a veranda area where you can have a full view of the garden and chapel.

My chapped lips, frizzy hair and swollen eyes savoring the moment. Pardon. :)

There are 2 prayer rooms. This one here is the prayer room located on the second floor room area. Easily accessible. I spent most minutes here, writing my thoughts and talking to Him- really talking.

The chapel. Serene and beautiful.

Second prayer room. 

This retreat allowed for me to breathe and let it all out. It allowed for me to look at myself, my place, my circle and my faith. It brought clarity which I hope would not easily vanish as I go on with the daily hustle and bustle of the city. It readied me for the plans- which I was able to verify during that time- that I am about to take and put in to action.

And it wouldn't be possible without the instruments he used for this to take in to shape. So, thank you, Ms. Addie of MC-CMO for possessing a  heart that understands, to the whole staff of Cenacle who provided warm stay and hearty meals, to my my great Guide who listened without judgement and advised with care, and to my girls- mom, Pinky and Pia who were simply just happy that I FINALLY was able to experience this long over-due hit list. :)

So, stop and pause... take a retreat. Reflect. And I hope it bring clarity and calmness in you, as it did to me.

Cenacle is not a big retreat house. It however allows for a much intimate moment to reflect. It is warm, comfortable and serene- to think that it is located in the heart of the metropolis. A miracle really. 

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