Sunday, October 20, 2013

A few blog posts ago, TBOAB's second style icon (see the first hailed style queen in this post) was heralded and to give further recognition to her and her style, here is a HOW TO in stealing her look!


Who says we need to don a drab outfit when walking our beloved pets?? Rachel Bilson shows us how to still look and be our best while attending to our little furry companion's needs.

To copy the look: MRP offers an array of Bow-tie button downs as in the picture. Complementing the top is a reliable skinny, a basic pump, classic skin belts and a bangle to add pizzas. And of course, shades on to protect our eyes from sunlight!

Rachel personifies a hip corporate girl by wearing tattered jeans and plain white top with a black blazer, messenger bag and loafers pumps. 

To copy the look: Get the look by buying this ripped boyfriend jeans at MRP to wear with the blazer jacket over a simple white tank. The pink messenger and black shoes would complete this look. The "too cool to care" look of the pants and top easily balances out the serious tone of the rest of the clothes, and vice versa!

Rachel Bilson sure knows how to make something so simple look so chic. This effortless style is easy and breezy, perfect for a day of tasks ie. grocery shopping, paying the bills, and the likes. 

To copy the look: The brand also offers a number of easy day to day clothes. You can opt to do the farmer top or the loose v-neck and choose to pair it with the washed out denims for a more casual look or the black stretch shorts for a put together one, then belt it round your waist with the Fedora and shades on and you are good to go! This is easily a "look for less" as it is a "steal the look" because the whole lot won't cost you much.


What a style-forward yet made up look? Rachel combines texture, color and style and successfully brings them all together.

To copy the look: You can choose to wear the beautiful structured peplum blazer top with a girly skirt or over a flirty dress. MRP provides you a number of printed dresses to choose from and a few flowing pleated skirts. Put on a neutral closed heel shoe and bag to complete the look.

This look from Rachel Bilson showcases class and trend. Adding to the simple elegance of the dress is a colored blazer for a twist and ankle heel booties to add some modernity to the whole outfit.Carry a classic "I'm always busy" bag style and you can conquer your world!

To copy the look: The classic white dress with neckline embellishment is the only perfect one to resemble the one whole that our style icon is wearing in the picture ( *ehem* grab the chance to buy it while supply lasts). Bilson's expensive look can be purchased -via the sembling pieces put together to the right- at a fair price! 

I can't stress enough the word steal here as it both means steal as in passionately copy the look and steal as in a great find so do check out MRP!

Hope you enjoyed this STYLE ICON: STEAL THE LOOK post.
Let me know if you want more of this.

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