Saturday, October 19, 2013

♫ Why are there so many songs about rainbows.
 And what's on the other side.
 Rainbows are visions but only illusions.
 And rainbows have nothing to hide. ♫
♫ La la lalala 

We've been experiencing a lot of rainfall lately and with that, many other nature stricken calamities such as the earthquake that recently hit and struck places in Visayas, Philippines. I will not sadden you with details and information and data, It's all over the news and it is heartbreaking although I will encourage you to watch and find a way to help even in the simplest way you can. When all else fail, prayers won't... and the Filipino spirit, as always, will never break. Someone told me recently that "Hope springs eternal". And hope can be in a form of rainbow, showing beautiful spectrum of colors!  Remember that feeling- of hope, gratitude and awe- in that moment when you see a rainbow after enduring a long and hard rainy day. 

So here is post, featuring PersunMall, to lift up moods and spirits and to remind to see the colors amidst and after the darkness. :)

May the red bring out the fighter in you; knowing you can fight to endure and overcome the hardships!

May orange bring you joy; appreciating the small but precious moments with love ones and seeing the blessing in laughter, smiles and conversations.

May yellow strengthen your faith; never allowing belief and hope to be washed away and believing that everything happens for a greater purpose- a better one.

May green remind you of the mother Earth that constantly nurtures you despite her tears brought about by cruelty and abuse from the very people she cares and provides for; may you hereon know her importance and may you from now on give back to her the care she selflessly gives.

Lastly, may the blue bring you internal peace amidst chaos; may your heart be stripped off of anxiousness and your mind be cleared off of worry. May you find calmness and clarity from knowing that you are loved.

May you still see beauty despite and in spite of, as in the photos above. And may the material things not be important because of the materialistic incentives (per se) it give you but because of the intangible ones- sentimental value, confidence, comfort, beauty, blessing. :)

And so....

♫ Someday we'll find it. 
The rainbow connection. 
The lovers, the dreamers and me. ♫

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