Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I love the beauty of irony- a rainbow hovering above a disaster, thorns on the stem of a flower, a steaming bowl of Tinola during summer and ice cream cravings during cold rainy days. In a weird sense, the cold of the weather and the cold dessert makes us long for more warmth- snuggles, hugs, layering... all the works. :)

For more innovation, what better than turn it in to something more creamy, sweet, cold and simply delectable! That's why happy to have found this recipe on emeals- a meal planning program made simple for a great lifestyle, guiding people to preparing delicious meals and grocery list with savings at the same time customizing personal food preferences).

Without further ado...

Caramel-Brownie Chunk Milkshake

½ cup milk
4 cups vanilla ice cream
3 store bought or homemade brownies, chopped Caramel or hot fudge topping (optional)

1. Place milk in a blender.
2. Add ice cream; blend until smooth.
3. Add half of brownies to blender; pulse until brownies are blended.
4. Spoon into glasses; drizzle with desired topping.
5. Top milkshakes with remaining brownies.

Yummy for a Secret Gourmand like me! :)

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