Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cleaning is always a challenge. What more if it is our very own personal closets that need the cleaning? The dirt and mess- both figurative and literal- we dig up and sort. A welcomed challenge for some, for others a dread. It is especially harder when we have limited space for our stuff. What goes to where and where to put which, what to throw and what to keep... all that we stress our brains with until we look around and see our cabinets emptied, clothes scattered and piled around us and we sit there in the middle of that chaos wanting to just leave it be the way it was. Of course too late for that. Scenario sounds familiar? :)  

Here is a beautifully made info-graphic from our friends in Lincoln Apartments of do's and don'ts and other details that could help us in organizing our closets! Take this holiday as a chance to finally do the long overdue clean-up our closets are just dying to have! 

Guide to organizing your closet 101

How to Organize Your Closet

More? Watch a more elaborate organizing technique via this VIDEO.
Hope this helps... now I leave you to the task! Enjoy! :)

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