Thursday, November 7, 2013

The world today seems to be on the verge of "chaos" as differing and different countries are having friction, inside and outside of the respective lands. I steer clear of political bias but I drive in to the arts and once again rely on it to express the longing of the people for peace and stability, as individuals of  countries and nations as a whole. 

We remember therefore the voice of the 70s and increase the volume of the music of Marley and the Beatles, silently shouting the need for peace and singing along with the words 

♬ Make love, not war ♬

 as it echoes throughout the world... until everyone hum the same tune and voice the same lyrics... until heard.

And with that we reminisce the style of the era not only as a fashion piece but as a statement made by the people. :)


Contrast Color High Wedge Sandals, Fashion Wide Leg Chiffon Jumpsuit


Long Sleeves Floral Printed Blouse, Flower Print Cotton Skirt, Vicky Nappa Ankle Boots 


Retro Half Sleeve Graphic Print Dress, Buckle Patent Pump Black

Raise your hopes and voices and together we aspire for one and the same thing- PEACE.


All items are from Fashion items are from PersunMall.

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