Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Words do not come easy. especially when we are saying it to people, even more to the ones who are an important parts of our lives. How many times have you had that moment where you are face to face with them, words flowing in your mind but for some reason nothing comes out? I've had many of those. I've had too many experience where I get stunned, not knowing how to say what I want to say... especially during a break up. The sound just escapes me. In reverse, even more when hearing that first "I love you" from that special guy. Oh' how I want to shout the answer back but the overwhelming emotion of knowing you love and are loved back just puts a stop to any motion. We all had that yes? And when I can not rely on the power of "talk", I convey using action. Isn't it that action speaks louder than words? The latter, it would never fail us in making people know the very words we want them to hear.

"A flower speaks a thousand word", to re-quote and rephrase the famous saying. This is a guide on how to know the many phrase and emotion a flower could convey. *ehem*

A flower could easily brighten up an already gloomy day and emotion. Therefore it is best given to people who are physically sick or even the ones who are emotionally down.

People live for acknowledgement no matter the many denial. And that is perfectly okay! Do not be ashamed of it. When we are acknowledged, It boost up our spirits and self-esteem. Many times, we find it hard though to show how proud we are of other people and the work/accomplishment they've done, the reason for that I never really understand. However, a flower could express just that!
Take care is probably the most popular phrase of affection. With anything and anyone we almost always want this for. It shows simply the innate care we as human beings have for our fellow human beings. In the light of changing the routine shout out, a flower would very much do the work.
In this world today, Thank yous are often forgotten. We forget to show gratitude to the people who helped us knowing it'll always be there anytime we neet it and that we are rightful of the help given to us. Because it becomes almost second nature to utter the words, a flower could speak on our behalf. Never fail to show gratitude. Never.
These two words compete in the top spot in terms of the ones that are hardest to say. These two words we stammer and choke in the moment of voicing out. Why is it so hard to say I love you back? Rejection probably? Or thinking we may not be given the same amount of love we give? Regardless, we love because we love. Period. I'm sorry is just as hard because it shows our vulnerability and we as people are afraid of that- being vulnerable. A flower could handle the work for us when no matter what we do these two just won't seem to come out just yet. However, in time, we have to know how to. :)

Luckily for us, the modern world gave more platform to expressing love and affection to other people. Having found Manila Blossoms- an online flower and gift shopping of your choice to help you reach your family and love ones anywhere in the Philippines anytime at any occassion or even without occasion, I found it much easier to express and spread my love for my "persons". There's no excuse now not to show what we feel, even for introverts like myself. Haha!

When all else fail, flowers wont! :)

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