Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There was once a young girl who dreamt of wearing the perfect ball gown, look all made up from head to toe. Lips of pink shade and eyes filled with the colors of the earth. She dreamt of having her first dance with a boy... that special boy. It would be a night to remember. A night that would fill her young life with joy and butterflies. The perfect prom night. 

She dreamt of him picking her up, facing her family, asking for their permission. She dreamt of the look on his face upon seeing her. She wanted the night to be perfect. It was a young girl's fairy tale dream come true. 

He was holding flowers. A big bouquet. All kinds she only dare imagine were there. The colors complemented the gray gown she was wearing. It added the needed "accent". He placed a flower on her hands. She didn't want it much but the thought of having it match the flower on his coat made her blush. She held the bouquet on her hands. She held it proudly. She flaunted it to her friends. The night was perfect. The flower made her feel like a princess escorted by her prince charming.

It was beautiful as much as the night was. She looks back at it now, smile on her face. She still smell the aroma of the petals... it was hidden and tucked under the leafs of her favorite book. Oh' was it the highlight of her young life! 

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