Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We all have unique personas and most of the time, this translates in the way we dress, the way we style our hair and the way we accessorize. These accessories have different personas. Does it suit yours? :)
When it comes to bracelets, charms remain to be the classic and girly choice. So here is a toss between two greats, Classic Red Heart Floral Bracelet to the left reminding us to always keep our hearts on our sleeve (LOL!) and the Flower Stones Bracelet to the right bringing our inner nurturer like the earth. 

Drop down earrings almost always remind us of our inner gypsy! These here are two types of gypsies- the Fashion multiple Earrings to the left are for the mysterious mystical ones and the Bohemia Peacock Gem Earring to the right are for the more eclectic ones. Choose your persona!

Gold is the epitome of luxury! If you want to feel like a thousand bucks without actually spending that much, choose from my finds right here- the Artificial Pearl Rhinestone Necklace on the left or the Vintage Hallow out Golden Short Necklace on the right.

Unleash the rock star in you via punk rings. Subtle but upfront, the Chic Punk Keel Ring to the left and the Punk Copper Ring to the right makes a perfect balance of rock x fashion.


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