Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Interior designing is therapeutic during the actual deed and more so on its aftermath when it is in our constant sight and living with it. Our room is an escape- our safe haven. It is rightful therefore to keep it beautiful. Often times though, our budget does not equal the need to do interior renovation. We can however fill up the need for beautifying via decorating! A change in bed spread could do wonders! Throw in patterned pillows, place a pile of coffee books on the side, add a candle on shelves, change curtains and lay an accent rug and voila- a whole new haven! :) 

Anyone can achieve a comforting room, just choose a beautiful pattern + color block. I found the design above on Zinc via their Trina Turk brand, offering a line of chic home d├ęcor such as bedding, pillows, rugs and vintage fabrics.

Chic and cheerful, the Trellis comforter set delivers the contemporary style of Trina Turk to the bedroom. Slender hairlines cross and coverge to create the geometric look of it signature "floret" pattern in vibrant turquoise blue and crisp white.
I picked out a few pieces from the line as the patterns are too beautiful to resist, don't you think? There are TONS! 

"An eccentric shade of blue."

PILLOW Trina Turk Manteca Lime Embroidered Pillow
FABRIC Trina Turk Fabric by the Yard Louis Nui Print Laguna

PILLOW Trina Turk Geo Links Citron/Grey Embroidered Pillow
FABRIC Trina Turk Fabric by the Yard Soleil LA Print Aqua

Accent pieces make a room more personal (as it is handpicked and best speaks of your personality) and trendy (Translate: Not Boring). I suggest though to sticking similar colors only and shade if the main design is/has prints. If it is simply color block and of neutral base, then by all means, go bold and crazy with the accents! 

What is your bedroom style? :)

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