Thursday, December 12, 2013

I turned 23 last November 28 (hence the Personal Rant Note on Birthday on my previous POST). This is a turning point for me in which I try hereon to embrace the me that IS and WILL BE but still be true and rooted to the person- values, core, teachings, tradition- that WAS. All parts, I realize, is who and what I am composed of today and battling over who I really am of those makes no sense at all.

My beautiful family celebrated in a similar themed restaurant as I described above- Chef Laudico: Guevarra's. A traditional but somehow modern Filipino place offering Filipino favorites with some new twist. Do not mistake it for fusion though. It remains true to the flavors and tradition of Filipino cooking, only that, it merges one Filipino dish over another i.e. Lechon Kawali Pochero (ughhhhh).

The place is a little hard to find because it is tucked within residential part of greenhills along addition hills. You will however know you are nearing the place when you see cars lined up and parked on the side streets. Although they accept walk in, sitting may be a problem without prior reservation because the place is almost always packed.

Guevarra's is a buffet type of restaurant with a wide spread of main courses to choose from. I was only able to snap a shot of the tail parts of the buffet section- the appetizer, salad bar and the other end which was a variety of finger food. The dessert area is composed of Filipino desserts, square cocktail bite sweets and an icecream vendo. They also have a carving station with Lechon, Gindara and their succulent and mouthwatering roast beef. Beside which is an array of sauces and dips to spread over your chosen food. 

In between of those are the main entrees and you would understand how I got lost in the moment and forgot to take a picture when you see the choices at hand! They have lots of beef entrees such as Angus Kare kare. Pinakbet, Pochero and a number of Filipino recipes laid out used Lechon Kawali/Lechon baboy as its meat. Cooking is well timed and done because the food didn't look old. What I deem to be the buffet area manager, radio's the food that needs be refilled and when it comes, is always served hot and fresh. Drinks are also bottomless and is self refilling.  

P.S. They surprise birthday celebrants pretty good! :)

Postcard from my beautiful crazy bunch. 
Missing you dad! I know you were with us that day. I felt your presence. 

23 does not scare me. What is and would be scary though is not being able to define WHO I am as more and more is added to that number. Slowly and thankfully, the many events that had happened the past years and the people surrounding me allowed for me to realize the person that I wanted to be and gave room to little by little make that definition. There's so much to learn still and so many more to take with me as I journey on.
Three things; never ever lose who you are, never ever stop yourself from finding the real you and never let other people define you.
 * Top by Tara Aguilar. Neckpc from GH. Bell bottoms from The Ramp Crossings*

Hats of Chefs! 
Guevarra's is open Mondays-Sundays 
from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm.

Weekday lunch (Monday to Friday): Php. 399++ 
Weekday dinner (Monday to Thursday): Php. 499++ 
Weekends (Friday dinner - Sunday dinner): Php. 599++

Facebook page
For contact and reservation
705 1811 / 705 1874 / 502 5006 / 0917 311 2222
Addition Hills Branch 387 P. Guevarra St. cor. Argonne St., Addition Hills, 
San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines

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