Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Growing up, one of my dreams was to be an interior designer. As early as 7 years old, I would turn our house upside down and rearrange it to make it look new. Grander became the hobby when I turned to my tween years as I requested a budget for a make-over for our former home. The shock on my parents' face when I proposed it to them is something I will never forget to this day. That first venture was the last grand renovation I handled although the start of the many little ones that came and that will come.  Unfortunately, the road didn't lead me there as I steered towards a similar but different dream. However, I will always love decorating. I will always gasp over beautifully made industrial pieces, furniture and furnishings. And of course, I will forever admire well-decorated spaces and the designers who have created such artistry. The simplest accent piece can make a room more beautiful. A simple rearranging can make a space bigger.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals - Metal by Mark Perez, PSID

There's only a handful to rely on for interesting pieces to fill up our spaces and Blims Fine Furniture is one of those. A trendsetter in fine furniture, furnishing and definitive lifestyle for 37 years, Blims has revolutionized how Filipinos create contemporary-inspired spaces in their homes and work place proving only excellence in the furniture industry. 

True to its Philosophy, last Novemeber 27, Blims Fine Furniture collaborated with the Alumni Association of Philippine School of Interior Design and launched "Design Elementals". Spearheaded by Jie Pambid who is one of the most influential figures in the Philippine interior design world, 6 selected designers showed Filipino deign at its best. The exhibit is a collection of six vignettes inspired by the elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal

The design above was by Mark Perez of Empire Designs who took his inspiration from the metal element to create his industrial wilderness vignette. His piece shows how soft and hard materials can intertwine to create a whimsical and modern look favoured in most contemporary interiors today.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals - Water by Gel Del Mundo, PSID

A graduate from the University of Asia and the Pacific and Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), Gelo del Mundo takes his inspiration from the element of water. He creates a refreshing vignette that is both soothing and calming for a relaxing ambiance. His design is cool and fluid, almost seamless.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals -  Wood by Peaches De Guzman, PSID

Interior Designer Peaches De Guzman-Grey’s used wood as inspiration for her creation. Her design harnesses the power of this element. Her vignette uses different types of wood as accent wall and flooring and BLIMS new furniture collection. The inviting and warm appeal of her design makes for a versatile, classic and eco-friendly piece.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals -  Wind by Jings Ranada Adefuin, PSID

As diverse as what he claims, Jigs Ranada Adefuin took his inspiration from the element wind. He created a fresh and functional ensemble that displays asymmetric composition but balanced geometric elements for modern dwellers.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals -  Earth by Stephanie Yan, PSID

Principal Designer of Design + S interiors Stephanie Yan, was assigned to interpret the element Earth. She created a vignette that reflects the beauty of the natural world. She uses the colors of nature as her palette—warm grays, brown, tans and greens. Stephanie utilizes simple furniture interspersed with warm earth tones combined with nature inspired accents, lots of natural wood and cozy, multi-patterned pieces.

Blims Fine Furniture Design Elementals -  Fire by Mike Suqui, PSID

Restaurateur, consultant and licensed, practising interior designer, Mike Suqui used the characteristics of fire to create his vignette. His sensual pieces and fiery hues create a warm and soothing ambience for his chosen space.

Design and art almost always inspires people and brings good energies and only great designers with keen eye for details and great taste can create that. These elements balances perfectly together in a symphony of joy and beauty quoting from the brand "Nature is in fact beautiful. Only that its majesty was destroyed in the minds of the people by the turn out of recent events." 

In line with that, the exhibit then hopes to revive that beauty and send hope to the people of Samar and Leyte. In solidarity with the families and communities affected by the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda, BLIMS Fine Furniture, together with PSID Alumni Association decided to partner with Philippine Red Cross in creating a more meaningful affair. To kick off the fund raising initiative, an auction will be integrated in the event to help in rebuilding Samar and Leyte.

From November 27 up until today- December 11, BLIMS Fine Furniture will be donating 20% of all proceeds from the Design Elementals exhibit in Greenbelt 1, in support of the Yolanda relief efforts. Revisit nature and furniture at its finest. Come and see DESIGN ELEMENTALS at Blims Fine Furniture showroom, Greenbelt 1, Makati City. 

Join Blims Fine Furniture and PSID in restoring and creating beauty.

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