Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I started this way back 2010. It was first and foremost an outlet for creativity and an expression of thoughts and emotions. It continues to be that for me when I got back to it sometime this year. That is why, to be in an event with the community and be able to interact with them as well as with businesses and "teachers" is something you treasure as an individual who blogs! 

Photo by Dale Deltaleader Ligon
Blogapalooza 2013 | When In Manila

Blogapalooza, which happened last November 16, 2013, gave just that!

Blogapalooza 2013 | When In Manila

Games at the Lazertag booth

Lulu Nails Free Manicure Pedicure

It stays true to its objective: stage the biggest business to blogger event in the metro. The proof came when it trended from day to night and when it had over a hundred invited bloggers and when the business had reached more "word of mouth" days after the event, even during. It only goes to show how much social media, new media, digital media and whatever else it's called, is becoming much of an influential tool for marketing and information dissemination! Caution though, as in the saying, w/ great power comes great responsibility. Be responsible with things you share! A lot of that I learned from the talks especially that of Ana Santos.  

Blogapalooza 2013 | When In Manila
The greatest part? It wasn't just about the bloggers, businesses, speakers or the organizers When in Manila and Awesome Planet, it was also about doing something for the country via the Piggybank movement specifically for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Whatever the community raised will be alloted to help out the families and it will be matched by Vince, Anton and the team and donate it to World Vision for again, the families affected by the typhoon. 

The Piggy Bank Movement is an initiative of a group
of concerned Filipinos based in Manila,
to help the victims of Yolanda in Visayas.
Facebook: Piggybank Movement

These are just some of the loots and GCs that I was able to take home with me!
Thanks to all the brands and businesses present in the event. 
Special mention on Chook's awesome game. It was surely FUN!

Special thanks to ENJOY the best Philippines for this VIP premiere program membership kit! More on this brand on my next the next post.  And also to Hungry Juan for that 1 whole chicken! Munched on the whole thing as soon as I got home! :)

To know more about Blogapalooza, refer to this POST.
'Til next year!

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