Wednesday, December 4, 2013

As I was going through booths of participating businesses during blogapalooza 2013, I stopped at a red painted one to learn about it. I was pulled in to it because it read- Enjoy The Best of The Philippines. Of course I got curious! A friendly girl greeted us and gave AA of Coffee With a Drop Of Sunshine and many other bloggers a booklet and card and explained how it works. Basically, you get great benefits or discounts from different establishments via the vouchers in the booklet and the card. I was excited to get mine when she read my name and congratulated me as I would be taking home their VIP premiere program guide! In it, a thick Manila program guide booklet, a cebu-davao-boracay program guide booklet, the mini mid year booklet and a membership card with my name on it! I was beyond ecstatic! :)

To make things better, they have freebies of GCs from their partner establishments too for the bloggers. If I haven't said it yet, Thank you, Enjoy PH!

During the Business pitch, they explained that the idea came when they were dining in an Asian country and saw how voucher membership is being used and thought it would be a great idea to bring it to Filipinos. Besides, Filipinos love discounts, freebies and getting money's worth!

Vouchers: Over Php 300,000 in benefits and offers Card: 10-50% off at hundreds of the best restaurants, top clubs, shopping, hotel, and lifestyle establishments in the country.

Order Now for only Php 1,995 and Get: 
*Enjoy membership valid for 12 months Personallized Enjoy VIP card with 10-50% off everyday in Manila, Cebu, Boracay, and Shanghai 
*Enjoy Member Guidebooks with vouchers valued over Php 300,000 
*Eco-friendly tote bag 
*Free nationwide delivery for prepaid orders

Not only that, you get more benefits and rewards when a friend avails one! Here's how it works:

Every time a friend of yours joins Enjoy at our website or by calling our hotline, ask them to mention your name or card number...and we'll send you Php 200 worth of gift certificates for Enjoy Cebu - Boracay referral and Php 500 worth of gift certificates for Enjoy Philippines referral.

*Whenever one of your friends joins Enjoy(r) through this website or by calling our hotline 478-8888, ask them to mention your card number. (Offer not valid for purchases through Enjoy venues).
*You will then be entitled to the corresponding gift certificate delivered to your mailing address.
*You can also tell your friend by sending him / her an email using our automatic "Tell a friend" email system.
*You can buy an Enjoy® membership for your friend and choose whether to keep the gift certificates for yourself or give it to them as well.

Last November (until the 30th), Enjoy gave back to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda as 100% of membership sales went to the An Waray Party List Relief Operations in Tacloban.

Apply for a membership and get your loved ones this gift for Christmas and Enjoy the best of the Philippines!

Enjoy, The best of Philippine
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