Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Thank you for celebrating the end of 2013 and start of 2014 with us by joining the Grand Kick Off Giveaway of The Giveaway Team! Claim it! :)

Below is a rafflecopter for the Twitter Follow task. Please complete all items then go back to the main rafflecopter and click ‘Enter’. Should there be one item missed, all points gained through this task will be forfeited. All entries will be checked thoroughly. Main rafflecopter is found HERE or just click the image above.

The Giveaway Team is composed of 20 bloggers (permission to introduce the 19 fabulous bloggers on another post?) from different niches hoping to give you the grandest giveaways monthly... because there is so much we are thankful for! 

Bloggers of TGT for December (Kick Off): Me- Sol Felice Alvarado | Mary NarvasaMei ChagasNadine Camille OchoaMara AngAisha Kristine Chong | Kai Darul Mai HernandezJanna Joshelle ParelAbe LayosaZwitsal Mae YusonIrish ArboKei YoshikawaYesha HideakiDeej EcdaoMonique GalangAlissa MagsFaith RoxasAngelique Misa ♥

Note: If you're reading this post because you are in the middle of filling up tasks from the Grand Kick off Giveaway, then by all means, go on! If, however, you are reading this post because you're scanning around, well then, I encourage you to join this giveaway. You'll know more about this on this POST! :)


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